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One Product, Multiple Solutions


We understand that our clients need to know the time,
not how the clock works

Our main goal is to design the plan to supplement your retirement income coupled with a
Plan B just in case of premature death and serious illness or disability in between.

Indexed Universal Life


IUL with Living Benefits Product provides a solution to all 3 problems in life. Die too Early, Live Too Long and Serious Illness In between. If designed properly.


Living benefits, tax deferred cash value accumulation, permanent policy, up-side market potential and down-side market protection, flexible death benefit and flexible premium.

  • Cash value grows based on an interest crediting strategy that is tied to changes in a market index such as the S&P 500.*
  • Downside protection through minimum guarantees to ensure that your cash value will not decline due to decreases in the index.


Permanent protection/Death benefit up to your 100- 120th -year Birthday. Product can be designed to replace your future potential income, pay-off your mortgage balance, settle a debt or create cash for legacy. The other benefit is that you will be able to accumulate Tax-Deferred cash value in your policy to supplement future financial goals such as Retirement income, support children’s higher education, create a capital for a business, advance payment for a house, remodel or renovate your house or use cash value for vacation. The policy will guarantee you to match the Indexes market gain ( S&P 500 or NASDAQ 100)as interest to your cash value with a cap or un-caped (Example: maximum gain of 12%) It will also provide you “Down-Side Protection.(Example: if the Indexes has a negative growth, you will not lose money in your cash value account) if you’re critically, chronically or terminally ill, you will have access to a portion of the DEATH BENEFIT, A qualified health event.

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