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It’s Time To Cut-Out The Middleman

Cut-Out the Middleman

LICENSED AGENTS - Understand the Reality!

Are you a victim already?

Scenario #1

There are many companies around you as MLM or Brokerages doing business, they sometime have 8- 10 levels above you as Upline, “MIDDLEMEN” and each level eat some huge percentage of commission from your sales totaling to more than 75% of what you deserve to receive from the Carrier.


On top of this, you must pay to join. You pay to attend their Trainings, conventions etc. Their “Feel Good Meetings” will blindfold the reality. If you’re lucky, at some point after feeding your upline for years, you qualify to climb the ladder to become an upline, they immediately remove your best two performers with all their legs (Down line you built) out of your team, hurt you morally and financially and put you back to start from the beginning. This unfair practice is named “Exchange Principle”

Isn’t it time to wake-up, Cut-Out the upline and double your income?


Scenario #2

You work direct for an Insurance company. They offer you industry low commission package with a PERFORMANCE BONUS Plan based on a high sales TARGET to attract your package. Only few reaches the goal. Bonus is just an illusion for majority of Agents. No matter how long you have worked for the company, if you don’t reach their Quota in one quarter, you’re terminated and they keep all your clients with them as they become their own property.

(Your manager, Partner, MD, whoever you called them, they all make a decent commission portion of your sales too. They pretend as 100% salary based but reality is not!)




We offer you direct appointments with the carrier To Cut-Out your MIDDLEMAN

Scenario #3 - Is What We Offer You

NO Quota… NO Sales Pressure

You are an independent Agent/Agency with all the support you need. We get you direct contracts/appointments with the Insurance Carriers without a whole bunch of Middlemen to eat your commission. We negotiate your commission level and other rewards based on your commitment and experience, (when you try to approach an insurance carrier directly to become an agent/agency, they probably put you under a middleman and offer you Scenario #2). So, let us do the job for you!


We negotiate mostly 80-100% depending on the product and the carrier. We offer you the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to build a TEAM as well!

Building Your Own Company

We allow you to hire/bring in new Financial Professionals as much as you want in your team. You will mentor and develop but on a different Business Platform. (CDP PROGRAM) They will also be paid much higher percentages compared to the industry average;

  • They too get paid direct from the Carriers.
  • There is NO fee to get contracted.
  • Online registration.
  • Training and mentorship – Classroom, Online, one on one product and skill development training
    (We don’t Charge for training and developing your skills)
  • Online business submission and tracking dashboard
  • Most Carriers pay commissions 24 hours after the policy/contract is settled.
    You don’t have to wait weeks to get paid.
  • All commissions are paid through ETF/Electronic Fund Transfer direct to your Bank Account.
    We at Asian Alliance will not touch your money
  • 24/7 support

Asian Alliance Business Opportunity for Unlicensed New Partners & Our Commitment

• Prepare you for the State license (52 hours online Study course)
• We get you appointed with A-Rated Carrier companies
• We provide you all necessary training
• We provide access to online business submission software and other
• 24/7 support and mentoring
• Reward and Recognition, we celebrate your success together
• Access to our leads programs
• Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn marketing support

If you’re looking for a Multi-Level Marketing Platform, (MLM)

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